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What others say about Omnidots' solution


Explore the testimonials provided by our valued customers and partners.

Customers testimonials
Customers we're proud to work with

Companies that are satisfied with Omnidots

"With the same number of people and in the same amount of time, we can now place three or four times as many monitoring devices as with the older systems."
Tom Quattro
Tom Smits

Quattro Expertise, The Netherlands

"It was really plug and play for us."
Olivier Lavaud

Bererix, Latvia

"Omnidots is a strong vibration monitoring solution. You can use it in most weather conditions, and it is resistant to dust."
Nicolás Acuña Caro

SEMAM, Chile

"In terms of assembly, a SWARM sensor with MEMS technology is really easier than working with a geophone."
Martijn van den Berg

Meetpunt, The Netherlands

"With Omnidots, I don't have to worry about the settings; I set them online as soon as I turn on the SWARM."
Martijn van Delft

Allnamics, The Netherlands

"We were watching the monitoring market for innovations when we encountered Omnidots' refreshing approach. It was immediately clear that this was a new, exciting take on the market and a chance to provide the UK market with a modern vibration monitoring solution backed by a cloud-based monitoring and support portal."
Jenny Krailing

EEMC Monitors, UK

“The return on investment for using Omnidots is much higher than for competing products.”
Harald Dickhof

TAUW, The Netherlands

"We experienced no hassles in the placement of the SWARM and monitoring. The online portal, Honeycomb, made it possible for several parties to watch live. The result was both a satisfied customer and a satisfied resident."
bart boneschansker
Bart Boneschansker BSc.

Inpijn Blokpoel Ingenieurs B.V., The Netherlands

“Thanks to the Omnidots SWARMS we can intervene immediately if the construction work exceeds the vibration standards.”
Olivier Lavaud

Bererix, Latvia

"If I had used equipment other than the Omnidots sensors in these projects, I probably would have spent much longer processing the data and taking the measurements. In terms of operations, I think Omnidots is the ideal product on the market right now.”
Martijn van Delft

Allnamics, The Netherlands

"We are happy that we can sell the Omnidots solution because the SWARM constantly measures and continuously monitors. We also like the price/quality ratio."
Geoint_Vitor Santos
Victor Santos

GeoInt, Portugal

"In working with Omnidots, I find the simplicity of mounting the products, setting the web page, and setting alarms and reports very useful. The projects in which we used Omnidots products were completed to the satisfaction of our customers."
StabiAlert_Reinier Brongers
Reinier Brongers

StabiAlert, the Netherlands

“With Omnidots, we can easily view the monitoring results online, and it is easy to generate a monitoring report. ”
Featured-Op Maat Expertise
Johan Ensing

Op Maat Expertise, the Netherlands

"The use of the latest technology, usability, prompt responsiveness from our contact persons, and reasonable costs are why we have partnered with Omnidots. We provide our customers with Omnidots products for vibration monitoring during construction activities near existing structures."
Munning Jamaludin _Geomotion Malaysia
Munning Jamaludin BoE

Geomotion, Malaysia

"We have great experiences working with the Omnidots solution. The Honeycomb online platform works well and is user-friendly. Monitoring was therefore successfully carried out in the above projects. We would perform our monitoring the same way next time."
Macadam_Eelco Wester2
Eelko Wester

Macadam, the Netherlands

“Our main reasons for broadly deploying Omnidots products are ease of use and remote management.”
bbci Frijwijk
bbci Frijwijk

The Netherlands

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