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Access your monitoring data anywhere, at any time

Honeycomb-real-time vibration, sound and air monitoring in the cloud

Real-time Vibration, Sound & Air monitoring in the cloud

Get your project management under control with Honeycomb. This cloud-based SaaS platform is designed to give you maximum control over any construction or infrastructure project. Powerful tools, a stable connection, and a user-friendly interface make it hassle-free to manage measurement data remotely at whatever time works for you - making it easier than ever to take charge.

“It's also much simpler in terms of business management. You don't have time-consuming hassles with software versions, because Honeycomb is always accessible online.”
Martijn van Delft

Vibration Monitoring Expert at Allnamics

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When it comes to understanding our solution and how it perfectly suits your needs, Ren Keyport is the person you should reach out to.

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Honeycomb: Your remote monitoring platform

Honeycomb is the ultimate web solution

All data secure in the cloud

Honeycomb by Omnidots is the ultimate web-based solution for managing your vibration, sound and air quality measurements wherever and whenever. With 24/7 access from any device or location, Honeycomb saves time and manpower. Its revolutionary remote-enabled features let you easily view data and configure settings across your SWARM Vibration, SWARM Sound or SWARM Air systems — all at once.

After mounting and configuration are complete, you get access to real-time measurements that are automatically transferred via 4G/LTE, WiFi, or the SWARM PoE Adapter directly to the powerful Honeycomb platform. You can view measurement data and export them as PDFs, CSV files, and Excel overviews at a click of a button.

Take extra precaution with Honeycomb's 3-level alarm system — customizable notifications will be sent out via e-mail or SMS when any of your chosen alarm levels are exceeded. Plus, you can stay up-to-date by setting up automatic daily or weekly reports.

Honeycomb admins will also receive important alerts about the status of the monitoring devices, such as when the battery is low.

Honeycomb cloud based monitoring solution for constructionDownload the Honeycomb spec sheet:

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Honeycomb Feature Highlights: Custom Dates and Report View

It is now possible to view the graph data for a custom time period, making it incredibly simple to review specific monitoring projects.

Honeycomb feature highlight
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When to use the Omnidots vibration monitoring and reporting solution

You can use Omnidots’ vibration monitoring and reporting solution for a wide range of applications within the scope of preventing structural damage and nuisance. Do your projects include activities like heavy vehicle movements, mining blasts, sheet piling, or demolition work?

cloud based monitoring and reporting solution

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Remote Access Saves Time

"We can set up the SWARM settings very easily through Honeycomb. If the construction project starts and there are too many vibrations, we get an immediate warning. Omnidots' products worked much better on our sewer project than competitors' products. (...)

If I do have a question, I ask it via the chat in Honeycomb. During office hours, I get an immediate answer from the technical team. I find that to be very convenient."

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“The online portal, Honeycomb, made it possible for several parties to watch live. The result was both a satisfied customer and a satisfied resident.”  

Bart Boneschansker BSc.
Inpijn Blokpoel Ingenieurs B.V.

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The ease of use of the SWARM sensor and Honeycomb platform was appreciated by the project team, who received instantaneous alerts if limit levels were reached.”

Jenny Krailing
From EEMC Monitors

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macadam bv

We have great experiences working with the Omnidots solution. The Honeycomb online platform works well and is user-friendly. Monitoring was therefore successfully carried out in the above projects. We would perform our monitoring the same way next time 

Eelko Wester
Macadam BV

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