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Bererix, Latvia | Olivier Luvaud

Omnidots helps us guarantee safety

We use the Omnidots vibration monitoring solution in the largest infrastructure project in de Baltic region. We are surprised and satisfied with the ease of use and good reports.

Safety in the largest infrastructure project in the Baltic region

Bererix is participating in the Rail Baltica Central Station project in Riga, Latvia. It has been the largest infrastructure project in the Baltic region for 100 years. The project is part of the larger Rail Baltica Project, which will integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network and connect the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Warsaw. The projects include building a new central station building, a major railway bridge on the Daugava river, railway embankments, and track works.

“Thanks to the Omnidots SWARMs we can intervene immediately if the construction work exceeds the vibration standards.”
Olivier Lavaud

Bererix, Latvia

“Construction began in November 2020. The period before construction was exciting because we had to test the design. We tested the resistance of the structures and also paid attention to the comfort of the future passengers waiting on the platforms. All weather conditions typical for Latvia were simulated on this highly complex design. For example, we tested the effects of high winds, both on the building and on the passengers, who must be protected from wind gusts while waiting.

In total, the stretch on which we are building is 2.5 kilometers long. The first construction work began on a building site located between the Riga central railway station and the building of the Ministry of Transport and along the railway line between Maskavas and Lāčplēša streets. Throughout the entire period of construction, both the pedestrian and road traffic arrangements around Riga central railway station will remain uninterrupted and safe. We provide that safety, thanks in part to Omnidots.

Within this project, I am involved in monitoring buildings in the area. I measure different environmental factors and map out possible damage to buildings. We do this before the measurement and after the construction work to see if anything has changed. Thanks to the Omnidots SWARMS, we can intervene immediately if the construction work exceeds the vibration standards. We then talk to the person carrying out the work and ensure that the construction machinery is adjusted to remain just below the vibration's upper limit.

“It was really plug and play for us”
Olivier Lavaud

Bererix, Latvia

We want to guarantee safety, and that's how we came to Omnidots regarding vibrations. Omnidots takes care of everything for us; we don't have to do anything complicated; we install the sensors and then monitor from the office. Live monitoring is also possible using the iPhone app. It was really plug-and-play for us. Anyone can use the SWARM and Honeycomb easily. Except for some minor questions about setting the right vibration standard, we didn't have to consult the service department. It is very convenient that we automatically receive the reports in the mail every day. We would recommend the Omnidots solution to others without hesitation!”


Benefits of working with Omnidots' solution

For Bererix, these are the main benefits of working with Omnidots:

Simple to use

Safety guarantee because of quick signaling of exceedances

Everything is automated in Honeycomb

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