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With Omnidots you earn more money

Allnamics, Netherlands 
Martijn van Delft - Monitoring Specialist

Martijn van Delft uses Omnidots products in vibration monitoring projects worldwide. He is very satisfied with the user-friendliness and notices that by using Omnidots, he saves money and time.

M.C.H. (Martijn) van Delft, M.Sc., Allnamics, has made his mark on many aspects of geotechnical engineering. He is an expert in the field of vibration monitoring and has contributed to the new Dutch SBR-A:2017 guideline, amongst others. We spoke to Martijn about measuring nuisance to people in buildings and measuring at long distances.

How is your experience with Omnidots products?

"If I had used equipment other than the Omnidots sensors in these projects, I probably would have spent much longer processing the data and taking the measurements. In terms of operations, I think Omnidots is the ideal product on the market right now."

"With Omnidots, you save a lot of money.”

“I am very happy with my Omnidots products at the moment.”
Martijn van Delft

Allnamics, Netherlands

When I start a project, I grab my SWARM Vibration and SWARM Battery and check that the battery is full. I put the items in the case and drive away. If I use a product other than Omnidots, I have to turn on the product, check that the battery is full, or replace loose batteries. Then I have to set all the settings of the device correctly. Then I have to ensure that I have the right software with the right licenses, which sometimes causes problems. Sometimes you have to pay extra for licenses, so you keep spending money, and you don't want to do that. With Omnidots, I don't have to worry about the settings; I set them online after I switch the SWARM on. Also, with other vibration monitors, I have to make sure the geophone is hanging straight and mount the device properly with a special bracket. Not everyone can do this. The ease of use is not as good as with the SWARM. With the SWARM Vibration, I only use one screw; I screw on the SWARM, it aligns itself, and it hangs ✅

It's also much more straightforward in terms of business management. You don't have time-consuming hassles with software versions because Honeycomb is always accessible online. I am thrilled with my Omnidots products at the moment.

"With Omnidots, I don't have to worry about the settings; I set them online as soon as I turn on the SWARM Vibration monitor."
Martijn van Delft

Allnamics, Netherlands

Remotely monitoring a project 4350 miles away

Another project is very adventurous. We’ve heard that you are measuring vibrations from 4350 miles away. Can you tell us about that?

"Yes, we are based in the Netherlands and conducting measurements for a client in Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is an independent island nation in the Caribbean. The island, which has a land area of 234 mi² and 166,487 inhabitants, is located 4350 miles from the Netherlands. On Saint Lucia, 3000 piles needed to be driven into the ground.

We had SWARMs sent to our client on the site, and they installed them. There is no specific training required, so the customer could easily do this themselves. We monitor the measurement data from our office in the Netherlands. The measurements are to prevent damage because there are buildings nearby. We measure according to Dutch guidelines- so according to SBR-A. I think Omnidots is a top product at the moment, especially in its ease of use."

Remote vibration monitoring 4350 miles away
SWARM plus Battery monitoring Saint Lucia
Vibration monitoring at Saint Lucia

Nuisance to people in buildings

You've done vibration measurements with Omnidots to monitor the nuisance to people in buildings. Can you tell us anything about that?

"In the webinars, I speak about the SBR-B measurements I did with Omnidots. We then measured the nuisance to people in buildings caused by passing trains.

In a Dutch village, people felt vibrations day in and day out. These vibrations were caused by nearby passing trains. Usually, the vibrations are so severe in that area that people in the village actually wake up during the night from the sounds of passing freight trains. We then monitored these vibrations and concluded that the vibrations were actually unacceptable. However, how do you solve that? During the disturbance measurements, we saw that very intense vibrations occurred for up to 30 seconds at night. People were literally shaken out of their beds. It is often not possible to stop trains on a particular route. Therefore we had to conclude that we had to accept the current situation as it was as long as the problem didn't become worse. We mounted an Omnidots SWARM Vibration on a Base Plate in a walk-in closet because this was not an area where someone would often walk. We filtered out the ordinary vibrations and analyzed the measurement results after measuring for some time."

Benefits of working with Omnidots' solution

For Martijn van Delft, these are the biggest advantages of working with Omnidots:

Ease of use

Simple adjustable daily and weekly reports

No hassle with data files/data readout etc.

Money Saving

No hassle with software licenses and the benefits of the online platform Honeycomb

Calibration data is immediately available

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