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  • Omnidots provides the highest quality products and services.
  • Experience the enthusiasm, decisiveness and courage of Omnidots.

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Dealers of Omnidots

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Dealers list

Dealer Area Website
Dan Smedien A/S Denmark, Norway and Sweden More about Dan Smedien
Deltatower Switzerland Deltatower website
EEMC Monitors LTD United Kingdom EEMC Monitors website
Geoint Portugal Geoint website
Geomotion Malaysia Malaysia Geomotion Malaysia website
GPS Partneris Lithuania GPS Partneris website
Instop Spain Instop website
Kodi Engineer Services Singapore Kodi ES website
Mensuro Czech Republic Mensuro website
Nome Oy Finland Nome Oy website
Norsonic Benelux Belgium and Luxembourg Norsonic Benelux website
Omnidots Netherlands
Omnidots North America USA
OST Technologies Singapore OST Technologies website
Position Partners Australia Position Partners website
Ruido Ambiental Chile Ruido Ambiental website
Meridian Surveying Enginneering, Inc. USA and Mexico Meridian Surveying Enginneering, Inc.
ICEM Consulting Germany ICEM Consulting website

Experiences of our dealers

EEMC Monitors | Jenny Krailing

Robust and quality products

EEMC Monitors are a UK distributor for Omnidots and provide cutting edge monitoring & measurement solutions to the environmental and engineering profession. “The EEMC-Monitors team has vast experience within the Environmental and I&M monitoring sectors, working with con...

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Geomotion Malaysia | Munning Jamaludin BoE

Easy to use, latest technology and reasonable costs

Geomotion Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an Omnidots dealer and Malaysia's leading provider of geotechnical and structural instrumentation and asset monitoring solutions. “We like to provide the Malaysian market with Omnidots products, because Omnidots has...

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Norsonic Benelux | Pieter Blanckaert

DIN 4150-3 and DIN 4150-2 vibration monitoring

Norsonic Benelux is a dealer in noise and vibration instrumentation and the Omnidots dealer for Belgium and Luxembourg. “Our customers use the Omnidots solution for vibration monitoring according to the standards DIN 4150-3 and DIN 4150-2.”

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