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op maat expertise
Op Maat Expertise | Johan Ensing

Always online with external data storage

“We at Op Maat Expertise use Omnidots products for vibration monitoring during construction work and pre-construction monitoring. Omnidots offers an easy-to-use system that is always online and stores the data on an online platform. The data is, therefore, easy to view. ”

Omnidots' solution for pile driving

“As the owner of Op Maat Expertise, I recently used Omnidots' products for SBR-A monitoring during a construction project in Leeuwarden in Friesland (Netherlands).

It concerned pile driving work for the benefit of new construction, in which we monitored vibrations to prevent damage. We placed a SWARM with SWARM Battery outside to measure vibrations according to SBR-A.

The SWARM has properly recorded all vibrations, and we have reported the data to the client. The SWARM monitored everything for a week without needing to replace the battery. The result was a satisfied customer. Next time we would carry out a project the same way again.

With Omnidots, we can easily view the monitoring results online, and it is easy to generate a monitoring report. ”

Op Maat Expertise

Benefits of working with Omnidots' solution

For Op Maat Expertise, these are the main advantages of working with Omnidots:

Simple and compact system

Honeycomb online platform

Automatic GSM connection

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