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Hassle-free environmental monitoring

We offer intuitive, remote environmental monitoring solutions for the construction and infrastructure industry.

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A fully integrated monitoring solution

Environmental monitoring simplified

We enable effortless environmental monitoring for the construction and infrastructure industry by offering an intuitive remote monitoring platform with easy-to-use IoT sensors. The Omnidots solution helps to prevent damage, nuisance complaints, adverse health effects, and lawsuits.

Not only is our solution easy to install and use, but it also gives users constant access to remotely oversee hazard prevention across all projects! Controlling your environment by monitoring vibrations and air quality has never been this simple.


Online platform for simple set-up


Easily mountable monitors for time-saving installation


Remote access for constant insights

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How it works

Step 1

Set up alarms and automatic reports online

Visit our monitoring platform Honeycomb and set up your SWARM or DUST unit remotely. Select pre-configured guidelines or choose your own monitoring parameters, and configure exceedance alerts.

Step 1
Step 2

Install monitoring device on location

Our products are easy to install. Simply mount them and let them connect to the Honeycomb platform. The SWARM vibration monitor will automatically align its axes.

Step 2
Step 3

Start monitoring 

Once set up, you can remotely monitor your vibration and air quality measurements. Thanks to the instant exceedance alerts, you can step in when needed. Need someone else to take action? You can make sure they will receive alerts, too.

Step 3

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Innovative cloud solution

Always ensure health and safety with Honeycomb

Honeycomb is Omnidots' cloud-based SAAS web platform that puts monitoring data and configuration settings at your fingertips. With Honeycomb, you can view your vibration and air quality data from any location with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop - day or night! 

Ensure that the buildings around your construction or infrastructure site are not damaged by vibrations.

Prevent health issues and nuisance complaints from residents.

Save time, money, and energy by never having to make another superfluous trip to the construction site again.

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