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Honeycomb is cloud secured.

Rest assured that your monitoring data is safe. With our cloud-based SaaS monitoring platform, you can trust us to preserve and secure your valuable data!

Cloud secured

Stability anywhere, at any time 

Honeycomb is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides users with unparalleled security, stability, and reliability. Its cloud technology allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere - giving you peace of mind that your important information will never be misplaced or lost.

cloud secured monitoring anywhere and anytime

Stable, constantly accessible SaaS platform

Access the cloud-based SaaS platform Honeycomb always, no matter where you are.

Updates "on the go" thanks to our flexible software

Use the most recent software version, thanks to rolling updates.

Your monitoring data is safe

Don't worry about losing your data. Nothing gets lost in the cloud.

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All-in-one monitoring

Discover all hardware products

On top of our intuitive monitoring platform Honeycomb, we provide easy-to-use monitoring equipment. Check out our hardware products and see for yourself how effortless environmental monitoring can be!

Omnidots remote monitoring platform Honeycomb

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Honeycomb feature highlights: Custom dates and report view

We released an update making it possible to view the graph data for a custom time period, making it incredibly simple to review specific monitoring projects. Learn more about this and other Honeycomb updates on our news page.

Honeycomb feature highlight
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