Omnidots’ total solution for vibration monitoring

Omnidots’ vibration monitoring equipment

The Omnidots’ total solution for monitoring and reporting of vibrations in the construction and infrastructure industry consists of three main products: the SWARM vibration monitor, the Honeycomb web platform and the SWARM Battery. We also have the perfect array of accessories, such as the Carry-on case, the Baseplate, the Solar Panel set and the PoE adapter.

SWARM vibration monitor

The SWARM performs high quality vibration measurements and sends the measurement data wirelessly to the Honeycomb web platform.

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DUST air quality monitor

Omnidots' DUST monitor is a robust industrial particulate matter (PM) sensor ready to be used in the roughest environments. It was designed for the construction and infrastructure industry. With it, you can monitor Total Suspended Particulate (TSP), PM 10, PM 2.5 or PM 1. The DUST monitor helps you to ensure the health and safety of on-site personnel at construction and recycling sites.

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Honeycomb web platform

Honeycomb is Omnidots' cloud-based web platform that provides access to your measurement data and SWARM settings. With Honeycomb there is no need to configure the SWARM or retrieve its data at the construction site. You can reach Honeycomb 24/7 from any location, using your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

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SWARM Battery

The SWARM Battery can power your SWARM up to six weeks. It’s an unprecedented, small and handy Battery.

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Carry-on case

The Carry-on case is a handy case allowing you to neatly transport and store your Omnidots products.

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Base Plate

Mounting the SWARM to the Base Plate avoids the need to drill a hole. It allows you to place the SWARM directly on any solid floor, instead of mounting it to a wall or floor inside of a building.

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Solar panel set

The Solar panel set allows for uninterrupted remote monitoring, ideal for your long term monitoring projects and for monitoring at remote locations. The Solar panel set will charge the SWARM Battery while the SWARM continues to operate. After installing the SWARM and connecting the SWARM Battery to the Solar panel set, there’s no need to go back to the site until your project is finished. The SWARM continues to monitor uninterrupted.

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Battery charger

The Battery charger allows you to recharge your SWARM Battery. The Battery charger can recharge the SWARM Battery while simultaneously powering the SWARM. You can safely continue measuring, uninterrupted, while charging.

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PoE adapter

The PoE adapter provides the Omnidots SWARM with both Ethernet and power using a single cable. When using the PoE adapter, you can install your SWARM in places where there are no signs of 3G / 4G / LTE or WiFi connection, or in places where you cannot use an Omnidots Battery, Solar panel set or mains power. The PoE adapter is the ideal product for monitoring at, for example, very remote areas or in basements or tunnels.

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Find out how easy it is to monitor and report vibrations with the Omnidots solution:

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Omnidots brochure

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Vibration monitoring equipment

Thoroughly monitoring vibrations begins with the right vibration analysis equipment. Your core analysis tool is a high quality and highly sensitive construction vibration sensor or vibration monitor. This piece of vibration analysis equipment measures the amount, frequency and duration of vibrations on a given construction site or in and around buildings. Vibration monitors detect three parameters that represent motion: acceleration, displacement and velocity. The right accessoires, such as a powerful battery, battery charger, solar panel and adapter, assure that you can keep on measuring uninterrupted.

Vibration analysis equipment

Measuring vibration activity is just the beginning of the vibration monitoring process. Analyzing and filtering your data is the next step. You cannot do this without the right vibration analysis equipment. Dedicated vibration analysis software is an excellent tool to extract value from your data, but also to group, segment and present (remember those visually enticing and insightful graphs) information. On top of professional vibration analysis software, you also need a good platform to complete your vibration analysis toolkit. The right platform allows you to store, filter, manage and present data. You can also use it to manage and adjust the settings of your construction vibration sensor.