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TAUW, Netherlands | Harald Dickhof

Ideal for vibration monitoring

We use the SWARM amongst other things for vibration monitoring in sewerage work. This works perfectly for us because we can analyze the measurements from the office.

Monitoring a sewerage project from the office

"Recently, we monitored vibrations during sewerage works in Amsterdam. The road was broken open within the city, and the sewers were replaced. We placed 4 SWARMs on nearby buildings to ensure the vibrations would not exceed the norm. If not, the buildings could become damaged. During this project, we experienced that Omnidots' system is ideal for vibration monitoring.

“We can set up the SWARM settings very simply through Honeycomb.”
Harald Dickhof

TAUW, Netherlands

We can set up the SWARM settings very simply through Honeycomb. If the construction project starts and there are too many vibrations, we get an immediate warning. Omnidots' products worked much better on our sewer project than competitors' products. A significant advantage of the SWARM is that the SIM is integrated into the sensor. As a result, we don't have to deal with the complexities of SIM cards ourselves, issues such as the cost of the SIM card, managing subscriptions, and ensuring adequate coverage. With Omnidots, we pay a fixed subscription fee for using SaaS platform Honeycomb, the 4G connection via the integrated SIM, and the service. Other than that, we don't have to worry about anything else. The reliability of Omnidots' products is very good, better than what we are used to in our experience with vibration monitoring.

“The return on investment for using Omnidots is much higher than for competing products.”
Harald Dickhof

TAUW, Netherlands

Another significant advantage is that we can see all the measurement data from the office. With competitive products, we always have to go to the site where the sensor is placed and read the data from that location.

By being able to view the data remotely, we save a lot of time. The return on investment for using Omnidots is much higher than competing products.

If I have a question, I ask it via the chat in Honeycomb. During office hours, I get an immediate answer from the technical team. I find that to be very convenient."

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Benefits of working with Omnidots' solution

For TAUW, these are the biggest benefits of working with Omnidots:

Integrated SIM card

Viewing measurement data from the office via Honeycomb

Good support

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