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Ease of use and remote management

bbci Frijwijk is an office for architectural and civil engineering inspections. “Our main reasons for broadly deploying Omnidots products are ease of use and remote management.”


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Satisfied customer and a minimum amount of limit overruns

Being a project manager, I choose Omnidots whenever vibration nuisance plays a major role in monitoring projects. For example during our last project, during the renovation of Station Noord in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Vibration nuisance was expected, so we started monitoring using Omnidots.

We have opted for extensive monitoring, using the SWARM in combination with the SWARM Battery. We monitored the two closest objects adjacent to the station. During the project, the customer was able to view the Omnidots (Honeycomb) portal in real time.

We at bbci Frijwijk served as a source of information during the project for interpreting the measurements. The ease of use of the Omnidots solution stood out during this project. The results of the project were a satisfied customer, a minimal amount of limit overruns and the work was carried out in a controlled manner. For future projects, I will advise the customer to leave the supervision of the monitoring moreto us, using the Omnidots’ products.

The SWARM is an ideal device. Omnidots provides good support in case of any issues.

Benefits of Omnidots

For bbci Frijwijk bv, these are the main advantages of working with Omnidots:

  • Well-organized portal (Honeycomb)
  • Ease of use in the field
  • Regular updates and product innovations

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