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Dust and particulate monitoring in the roughest environments 

The SWARM Air quality sensor for particulate matter monitoring and dust emission simulation was designed for outdoor use and excels even in rough environments.

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SWARM Air quality monitor

SWARM Air quality monitor

The SWARM Air quality sensor helps you keep residents close to your construction or heavy-traffic site healthy. It monitors particulate matter and sends the collected data to the Honeycomb platform.

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An IoT particulate monitor

Omnidots' SWARM Air monitor is a robust industrial particulate matter (PM) sensor ready to be used even in harsh environments. It was designed for the construction, infrastructure, and municipal sector. With it, you can monitor PM10, PM2.5, or PM1. Particulate matter is a mix of solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in the air, ranging from visible dust to microscopic pollutants invisible to the naked eye. It is important to stay vigilant about dust and particulate monitoring as accumulations of these particles may be hazardous to your health. The SWARM Air monitor helps ensure the health and safety of people in the neighborhood surrounding the source of air pollution, as well as on-site personnel at construction and recycling sites.

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"If I had used equipment other than the Omnidots sensors in these projects, I probably would have spent much longer processing the data and taking the measurements. In terms of operations, I think Omnidots is the ideal product on the market right now."

Martijn van Delft
Vibration Monitoring Expert at Allnamics

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“We were watching the monitoring market for innovations when we encountered the Omnidots refreshing approach. It was immediately clear that this was a new, exciting take on the market and a chance to provide the UK market with a modern vibration monitoring solution, backed by a cloud-based monitoring and support portal."

Jenny Krailing
From EEMC Monitors

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“With the same number of people, and in the same amount of time, we can now place three or four times as many monitoring devices as with the older systems.” 

Tom Smits
Monitoring Expert at Quattro Expertise

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An air quality monitor designed for rough environments

We created the SWARM Air monitor for outdoor use so that dust and particulate monitoring is possible even in the roughest environment. You can use the SWARM Air quality sensor for particulate matter monitoring and dust emission simulation in the following environments:

Construction &
infrastructure projects
Recycling &
waste facilities
Excavation &
demolition sites
Construction projects
Demolition projects

Exposure to hazardous particles is a health risk, but with the SWARM Air monitor, people in surrounding neighborhoods and personnel working on the project are safe. The particulate monitor keeps watch on dangerous particles that accumulate in certain areas, so health risks are minimized. It's an absolute must for anyone working around:

tunneling projects
Traffic_air quality
Mining and air quality

What you can expect from the SWARM Air

The SWARM Air in a nutshell

Monitor particles of various sizes

Simplified dust and particulate monitoring through different, exchangeable cyclones for PM10, PM2.5, or PM1.

Real-time visual data

Get instant insights from your project. Keep nearby residents safe by monitoring a major risk factor at construction sites and municipal facilities.

MCERTS certification

The SWARM Air quality monitor is MCERTS-certified, meaning that it complies with the Quality and Performance Standards for Environmental Data Management Software.

Dust monitoring data export

You can download all monitoring data as PDF, CSV or Excel files or integrate the data into applications using the Omnidots API.

Configurable alarms and alerts

Receive alarms per e-mail or SMS when the recorded measurements exceed relevant guidelines or your own preferences. Admins also receive important alerts about the status of their monitoring devices.

Wireless connection

The measurement data is automatically sent from the SWARM Air unit to the Honeycomb platform via 4G/LTE or WiFi. 

More about the SWARM Air particulate monitor

SWARM Air particle matter monitor

Article number: DUST V2

  • MCERTS-certified
  • Can monitor  PM10, PM2.5, or PM1
  • Constant wireless data transfer to Honeycomb via 4G/LTE or WiFi
  • Suitable for harsh environments.

SWARM Air cyclone PM10, PM2.5 and PM1

Choose the right cyclone for the job.

The SWARM Air monitor is designed to ensure the safety of those in close proximity by accurately measuring TSP (Total Suspended Particulate), PM10, PM2.5, and PM1. Equipped with a handy interchangeable cyclone for analyzing different particle sizes, this unit allows you to monitor your environment's health, ensuring everyone stays safe.

PM10: Coarse particles - with an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 10 μm.

PM2.5: Fine particles - with an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 2.5 μm.

PM1: Ultra-fine particles - with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 1 μm. 

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A certified monitoring device

The SWARM Air quality monitor is MCERTS-certified, which means that it conforms with the Environmental Agency of England & Wales's Quality and Performance Standards for Environmental Data Management Software. The particulate monitor is also CE-approved.

✅  CE-approved

✅  FCC international guidelines

✅  Low Voltage Directive

✅  MCERTS-certified

SWARM Air quality monitor in front of dark background

SWARM Air technical specifications

Access the DUST technical data sheet by filling in the form below.


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The EEMC Monitors team has vast experience within the Environmental and I&M monitoring sectors, working with construction, demolition, and civil engineering. We aim to combine this experience with the innovative and robust quality products from Omnidots to deliver an industry-leading and cost-effective monitoring solution.

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