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EEMC monitors
EEMC Monitors | Jenny Krailing 

Robust and quality products

EEMC Monitors are a UK distributor for Omnidots and provide cutting-edge monitoring & measurement solutions to the environmental and engineering profession.

“The EEMC-Monitors team has vast experience within the Environmental and I&M monitoring sectors, working with construction, demolition, and civil engineering. We aim to combine this experience with the innovative, robust, and quality products from Omnidots to deliver an industry-leading and cost-effective monitoring solution.”

Proactive protection to sensitive buildings and occupiers


“We were watching the monitoring market for innovations when we encountered the Omnidots refreshing approach. It was immediately clear that this was a new, exciting take on the market and a chance to provide the UK market with a modern vibration monitoring solution backed by a cloud-based monitoring and support portal.

The principal UK application for the Omnidots SWARM is for vibration monitoring during construction and related activities, including demolition, piling & breaking works. The Omnidots solution enables contractors and Local Authorities to provide proactive protection to sensitive buildings and occupiers. This solution provides a key risk and impact management service to our clients and, in turn, customers and stakeholders.

Other typical uses for the Swarm include monitoring of fixed assets and assessment of the impact on humans by measuring Vibration Dose Value (VDV) - often used to show compliance on infrastructure projects such as railways.

Our customers use the Swarm sensors across a range of leading projects in the UK, including implementation on a Crossrail project.

For Crossrail, the SWARM sensors were deployed to ensure temporary works on the railway did not impact nearby residents.

The ease of use of the SWARM sensor and Honeycomb platform was appreciated by the project team, who received instantaneous alerts if limit levels were reached.

Our customers buy Omnidots for the following reasons:

  • Monitoring that is simple, quick & easy to install and configure
  • Auto Axis Alignment
  • Straightforward data access, visualization, and reporting
  • Versatile remote access 24/7
  • Good value for money (no hidden charges)
  • Range of power options, extended battery life solution.

EEMC-Monitors’ customers are very happy with the Omnidots product. Potential customers are quickly impressed with how easy the SWARM is to install and how intuitive the Honeycomb cloud platform is. This has helped to move customers away from competitive solutions and streamline their work processes.

We’ve been championing Omnidots in the UK since 2018 and have worked intensively with them to develop the product to ensure it meets all the requirements of the UK market. We’re confident that the relationship between EEMC-Monitors and Omnidots has resulted in an industry-leading vibration monitoring solution.”

Benefits of working with Omnidots

For EEMC Monitors, these are the main benefits of the Omnidots dealership:

Innovation – a new approach to both the hardware and software products

Quality and reliable measurements, data, and instrumentation.

Regular updates and product innovations

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