Inspecciones Ambientales SEMAM SpA | Nicolás Acuña Caro

Ground vibration monitoring for mine blastings

Vibration monitoring company SEMAM carries out vibration measurements for mining in compliance with all standards and regulations required from Chile’s Environmental Authority.

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NS Stations, Netherlands | Fabian Duursma

Vibration monitoring under own management

During a major renovation at the NS main railway station in Groningen, the Netherlands, we measure vibrations under our own management to ensure that the historical building is not damaged.

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Meetpunt, Netherlands | Martijn van den Berg

Easy vibration monitoring

Martijn van den Berg from Meetpunt uses the Omnidots vibration monitors on various projects, including the monitoring of houses around dike reinforcement. He thinks that installing the SWARM is a piece of cake.

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Allnamics, Netherlands | Martijn van Delft

In terms of ease of use, I think Omnidots is a top product!

Martijn van Delft uses the Omnidots products in vibration monitoring projects worldwide. He is very satisfied with the user friendliness and notices that by using Omnidots he saves money and time.

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TAUW, Netherlands | Harald Dickhof

Ideal for vibration monitoring

We use the SWARM amongst other things for vibration monitoring in sewerage work. This works perfectly for us, because we can analyse the measurements from the office.

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Bererix, Latvia | Olivier Lavaud

Omnidots helps us guarantee safety

We use the Omnidots vibration monitoring solution in the largest infrastructure project in de Baltic region. We are surprised and satisfied with the ease of use and good reports.

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Intermetric, Germany | Markus Federmann

We use Omnidots in a multi-sensor system

We monitor construction sites with a multi-sensor system. Thanks to the Omnidots API, we can easily integrate the data from Omnidots into our own software.

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Inpijn Blokpoel Ingenieurs B.V. | Bart Boneschansker BSc.

Online and available 24 / 7

Inpijn-Blokpoel Ingenieurs specializes in providing geotechnical and environmental research and advice. “We use Omnidots products in our projects, because due to the online nature of the vibration monitors, all data is available 24/7. In addition, the setting and report...

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StabiAlert | Reinier Brongers

StabiAlert system in combination with Omnidots

“Buildings, bridges, dikes and tunnels are objects that we must be able to rely 100% on. In case there is something wrong, we want to know as soon as possible. We use our StabiAlert system for this. In addition, we combine our system with the Omnidots...

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