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The new standard in sound level monitoring

Class 1 performance

Omnidots' sound level meter is highly accurate. It conforms to class 1 specifications set by the IEC61672, making it ideal for environmental monitoring purposes.

Easy unmanned monitoring

You only need to be present at the construction site twice - once to install the device and once to remove it after project completion. Everything else can be done online. With real-time data access, you have insight anywhere and anytime.

One solution for your monitoring needs

The SWARM Sound level monitor and the SWARM Vibration monitor are fully compatible with Honeycomb. Get unique insights by combining our monitoring devices in the Honeycomb platform.

Industry standards
IEC 61672 and ANSI S1.43 performance

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Try the SWARM Sound settings on Honeycomb for free!

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Sound Level Monitoring

Sound Level Monitor

"The new standard in sound level monitoring"

SWARM Sound is revolutionizing noise monitoring, providing unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. Designed with precision and powered by innovation, SWARM Sound ensures optimal noise management solutions and sets a new standard for the construction industry.

Our objective was to streamline sound level monitoring like never before. By listening attentively to feedback from our customers, we created the SWARM Sound Level Meter. It offers with Class 1 performance with all the benefits of MEMS-based technology (like our vibration monitor). This allows for seamless integration with our innovative Honeycomb platform.

Try out the SWARM Sound settings on Honeycomb for free!

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SWARM Sound + Honeycomb web platform

The ultimate noise monitoring solution

SWARM Sound utilizes MEMS technology and the outstanding Honeycomb SaaS solution for monitoring and reporting, providing the first sound level meter with Class 1 performance that is simultaneously easy to use, durable, and cost-effective. The SWARM Sound hardware provides a plug-and-play option for remote noise monitoring with automated alerts and long battery life. The Honeycomb software makes configuration easy enough for novices while still having the tools advanced users demand.

Don’t miss out on the following highlights:

  • Flexible connectivity: integrated 4G/LTE and Wifi, PoE.
  • Flexible power: Battery, mains/AC power, Solar, or PoE.
  • Compact IP65 weatherproof rated for easy install.
  • Remote configuration, alerting, and review.
  • Measuring Leq and Lmax.
  • Flag and comment on events or event blocks for easy record-keeping and report creation. (coming soon, August 2024)
  • Lden: time and day variable records to meet the most complex specifications (coming soon, July 2024)
  • Sound clips (coming soon)
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What you can expect from the SWARM Sound

SWARM Sound in a nutshell

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Try out the SWARM Sound settings on Honeycomb for free!

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5 steps to start
measuring sound levels

Step 1

Mount the SWARM Sound

Simply mount the SWARM on a pole using the provided band clamp or attach it on a tripod using the 3/8” UNC thread.

Step 1
Step 3

Sound_QSG_3_Power_H_ SWARM

Power up

Connect the SWARM Sound to a SWARM Battery or use the provided power adapter.

Step 3
Step 3

Wait until connected

The LED lights will begin the startup sequence; after this, the SWARM Sound will try to connect via the chosen GSM, WiFi, or PoE.

Sound_QSG_4_Wait until connected-1
Step 3
Step 4

Setup online

Log in to your Honeycomb account and create a measuring point for your SWARM Sound.

Sound_QSG_5_Create account
Step 4
Step 5


You can now view measurement data and generate customized reports, 24/7, anywhere on any device!

Sound_QSG_6_Create MP_monitor
Step 5
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More details about the SWARM Sound

SWARM Sound render front_small

Article numbers: "SWARM Sound", "SWARM Sound 1st-serie" & "Battery Cable Sound"

Complies with industry standards: IEC 61672, ANSI S1.43 class 1 tolerances met.

  • The SWARM Sound continuously sends the measurement data automatically to Honeycomb via 4G/LTE, WiFi, or PoE using an adapter.
  • Mounting is very quick and easy.
  • The SWARM Sound is compact, lightweight, and IP65-rated.

SWARM Sound technical specifications

Download the specification sheet for more technical information about SWARM Sound.

SWARM Sound Quick Start Guide

You can find the SWARM Sound Quick Start Guide over here

SWARM Sound infographic

Save the infographic as a PDF for later or print it out on an A4 sheet.

Download infographic

Hassle-free monitoring

Introducing SWARM Sound, along with our SWARM Vibration and SWARM Air, we now offer a complete range of monitoring devices, providing the ultimate solution for monitoring. Now you can have everything in one convenient place: the powerful combination of 3 monitoring devices, together with the connecting Honeycomb platform.

Monitor construction and infrastructure risk factors the simple way

Save time and effort by using a fully integrated monitoring solution

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of using our innovative solution


Active in 42 countries

Companies all over the world are working with our monitoring solution.



Since 2018, our clients have conducted more than 32k measurements with our solution.


Happy customers

95% happy customers in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions
about the SWARM Sound

Reading the SWARM Sound status lights
The SWARM Sound monitor status is displayed through a sequence of five different LED lights and colors.

Like our SWARM Vibration monitor, the SWARM Sound has LED lights to indicate the device's status. The difference is the number. The SWARM Sound has five status LED lights to create a light sequence to read the status. 

Check out our Support Center for all the sequence animations

Example of the startup sequence:


Will the protection cap come off the microphone with a gust of wind?
The omnidirectional microphone is protected with a foam cap, making it weatherproof, including wind.

No, the foam cap will not be blown away by the wind. However, we do not recommend testing this during a hurricane or tornado. 

Shouldn't the microphone point upwards?
No. Ensure the microphone points down or horizontally for correctly using the SWARM Sound.

Don't worry, you will not miss a sound. We thought it through. Researched the effects extensively and tested the SWARM Sound meticulously. 
For Class 1 performance noise monitoring, there is no difference if the microphone is on top or the bottom of the SWARM Sound level monitor. 

The SWARM Sound microphone direction is sideways and calibrated forward. When mounted on a pole, the microphone is slightly angled and omnidirectional. Pointing the microphone upward adds no value to the measurement and makes it easier for birds to sit on it, and the microphone is more affected by rain. Therefore, we recommend pointing it downward.

That is why it doesn't matter that the SWARM Sound microphone is not pointed upward.

SWARM Sound mounted on a pole and tripod


Fully integrated solution

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