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Omnidots SWARM

Omnidots SWARM vector icon SWARM vibration monitor

The SWARM vibration monitor is the most efficient and qualitative SBR/DIN vibration monitor available. The installation of the SWARM vibration monitor is unprecedented, quick and easy. Even without prior knowledge, you can install the SWARM within two minutes, as seen in this video. After the installation of the SWARM, your next step is to add the measuring points to the Honeycomb web platform. There you can see your measurement data 24/7, from all over the world on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Omnidots Honeycomb tablet version

Honeycomb vector icon Honeycomb web platform

The Honeycomb web platform allows you to access your measuring data and SWARM settings 24/7, from all over the world and on all of your devices. But that's not all. Honeycomb has much more features. Click the button below to get your free demo account and to take a look at Honeycomb. If you have any questions during your visit on Honeycomb, please use the chat box below, and our engineers can help you right away.

Take a look at Honeycomb

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