Job opening: Senior software architect

Fulltime Location Leek + working from home (EU working permit required)

Who are we looking for
Omnidots is growing from being a start-up into a scale-up. Omnidots is looking for a senior software architect with experience of scaling up cloud services. The Omnidots cloud service uses, among other things, ElasticSearch, Mysql, Python, Docker, Wercker and Github.

The team
Our R&D team consists of programmers, among others, of which you are the senior. You take the lead in scaling up our cloud services, such as Honeycomb. The team is enthusiastic and committed to their daily team effort in improving the Omnidots products and creating great new applications. Everyone at Omnidots is innovative and every opinion is listened to.

About you
We need a hands-on, strategic and experienced software architect who is willing to help build the business. Make your hands dirty while you write software and think along at a strategic level by translating policy into technical objectives, while always keeping an eye on the growth of Omnidots. As a senior software architect you are experienced in using, among other things, ElasticSearch, Mysql, Python, Docker, Wercker and Github. And you are capable of, and like to dive into similar unknown technologies and quickly find a way to apply these technologies within Omnidots.

Daily you guide Omnidots in scaling up our cloud services through the use of your insight, decisiveness, strategic ability and software expertise. You are an example for the team in demonstrating your analytical and problem-solving skills, fluency in coding, good communication skills and you excel in expectation management and tackling complex challenges. You have a pioneering role and the decisiveness to turn ideas into concrete goals to be implemented.

About Omnidots
Omnidots helps make the world safe by offering measurement solutions for the environment, for example on construction sites. We believe that providing an insight into the measurable effects of vibrations contributes to confidence and a feeling of security for everyone who is affected by vibration sources. A few years ago Omnidots started of as an idea and is now selling internationally and we’re expanding our services each day.

We are an SME, within which you have direct influence on operational management and your duties. We have a flat organizational structure within which you can come up with new ideas, which you implement yourself in a technical strategy, in cooperation with sales, marketing, finance and logistics, where the organizational goals and the mission and vision are central.

Omnidots offers a free and safe environment in which we respect everyone's opinion and where innovation is the standard. You have a lot of freedom in your work and in ensuring a good work-life balance. We all fork from home one or more days a week. We always look at the person behind the employee and believe that we can only grow and innovate with a team effort. We are exploring the possibility of becoming a holacracy.

In addition to offering a good salary, profit sharing bonuses, a casual working atmosphere (please just come to work in your t-shirt and jeans!), we organise super fun activities for and with the staff (which are of course never mandatory), such as game evenings, restaurant visits and sporting activities. We have a pension plan without a personal contribution, many vacation days, free pmo, bhv and vca training, good insurance and each year you have the opportunity to attend training or courses.

Contact Mail to to apply or for any questions.