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Spanish, Austrian, and Swedish guidelines available in Honeycomb

New vibration monitoring guidelines are now available in Honeycomb, expanding our services for our customers. Honeycomb now supports guidelines from Spain, Austria, and Sweden

These guidelines include: 

Spanish guideline UNE 22-381-93

Control of vibration made by blasting

Austrian guideline ÖNORM S 9020

Vibration protection for facilities above and beyond ground

Swedish guideline SS 02 52 11

Vibration and shock - Guideline values and measurement method for vibrations in buildings caused by piling, sheeting, excavation, and compaction

Swedish guideline SS 4604861

Vibration and shock – Measurement and guidance for assessment of comfort in buildings

How to access the new guidelines:

To utilize the new guidelines, select the desired one from the Guideline drop-down menu when configuring a measuring point. 

New guidelines - all

If you have any questions, our Omnidots support chat is available to assist you. We aim to provide satisfactory service with our expanded offerings.