Omnidots now also supports SBR-B and DIN4150-2 in Honeycomb

Good news for you! As you may expect from us, we continuously expand our services. From now on, in addition to SBR-A 2010, DIN4150-3 80Hz, SBR-A 2017, BS7385 250Hz and Circulaire du 23/07/1986 also SBR-B and DIN4150-2 are available on Honeycomb for SWARM V2.2c users. The DIN guidelines are the German implementation of the SBR guidelines.

There's no action required from you to be able to use the new guidelines. They will be available in Honeycomb the way you're used to, among the other guidelines. Furthermore, there are no extra costs. This is all included in your Honeycomb subscription.

Nuisance for people inside buildings

Until now you could monitor vibrations on buildings and other structures to avoid possible damage, using the SBR-A guideline. SBR-B is now added, which allows to monitor vibrations to avoid nuisance for people inside buildings.

With these new guidelines your customers can extend their services to customers with extra measurements and reports.

Setting the guideline

Measuring settings

When configuring a measuring point, select the guideline you want to use in the drop-down menu under 'Guideline'. Click here for more information about creating a measuring point.

If the SBR-B / DIN4150-2 option is not visible yet in your SWARM V2.2c measuring point, please restart the SWARM so that the latest firmware is installed.

We hope that you are satisfied with this expansion of our services. The Omnidots support chat is happy to help you if you have any questions.