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New Honeycomb Feature: Date Picker and Custom Report View

Reviewing the graph data collected for a specific vibration monitoring project is now possible with the new Date Picker feature in Honeycomb. Previously, you could view pre-set time frames such as days or weeks. Now, the Date Picker gives you full control over the period you want to display. You can choose any custom time frame, from a few minutes to several months or years. Exporting the data view created with this new feature as a report is also possible. This option allows you to create a convenient overview of all project data.

Here is how the Date Picker works

To view a custom time frame, visit the Graph overview page in Honeycomb. There you can choose the “Date picker” filter shown above the graph:

date picker filter

Clicking on the Date Picker opens a calendar where you can choose the time frame you want to display in the graph. The selected dates will be highlighted in yellow. You can display the entire day or a specific period within the day. To choose a particular period, untick the 'start of day' and/or 'end of day' boxes below the calendar (highlighted in red in the picture below) and enter your preference. The choice made here applies to every day within the time frame and cannot be selected on a per-day basis.

date picker selection

You can move the custom time frame by a day, week, or month. To do this, click on the corresponding arrow under the graph, as highlighted in red below.

choose a custom time frame with the date picker

To create a PDF report of this custom view, click on the 'Export' button above the graph (see picture below). The downloaded file contains the same time frame and information shown in the graph view. To download the report as an Excel file or CSV document, click on the 'Export' button and confirm the custom period before exporting.

export the date picker view

If you have questions about this new feature or the Honeycomb platform, we will happily schedule a meeting with you!

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