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Insights into the New York Build Expo

New York Build Margreet with visitor

Omnidots North America just returned from the New York Build Expo. We asked Margreet (CEO Omnidots North America) how she experienced the largest construction & design expo in New York. Does Margreet think it's worth it to visit the expo as a company active within the construction and infrastructure industry? Read on to find out!

What did you find most inspiring about the New York Build Expo?

Margreet: What I find most inspiring about the New York Build Expo, are the conversations we had with potential customers concerning the challenges they face in their projects and how the Omnidots solution can make a difference. Also, the conversations with other companies active in our niche were inspiring and interesting.

What is a key takeaway from the expo that you would like to share with our readers?

Margreet: From the conversations we had, we learned that the construction industry is ready to embrace the new generation of vibration monitors. Both customers, potential customers and manufacturers of competitor products are more than willing to join forces to convince all stakeholders in the industry to finally embrace the latest technologies and thus the new generation of vibration monitors.

Would you recommend visiting or exhibiting at the New York Build to companies active in the construction and infrastructure industry?

Margreet: The New York Build is definitely worth a visit, to learn about new products, listen to relevant panel discussions and for great networking opportunities.

Do you think Omnidots North America will visit next year’s expo?

Margreet: Omnidots North America will most likely be present again at next year’s New York Build. We hope to see you at many other conventions as well in 2023. This year we will be at the Chicago Build in October 2022 as well.

If you don’t want to wait for the next expo to learn more about Omnidots’ vibration monitoring solution, contact us now!

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