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New Honeycomb Feature: Downloads page

In the past, downloading large data sets (days or weeks of (raw) data, .csv files) could be a headache for users. It would sometimes crash their browser or give them a broken file. However, we have implemented a solution to fix this issue. Instead of creating the files on the user's device, it now happens on Honeycomb servers. This means that large files are now presented on the Downloads Page. 

To make it even better, we have added a little popup that shows users the download progress on our servers. If they don't want to wait on the Graphs page, they can continue working on a different Honeycomb page and receive a notification when the report is ready for download. No more broken files or crashes - just smooth, effortless downloads of large data sets.

Download graph English 27-07-2023
Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 17.05.30

By clicking on the Account tab in the menu, you'll find a brand new button that leads to the Downloads page. This page will display the number of reports that are ready for download. Also, you can view all your past completed reports on this page.

If you need additional guidance on this new feature or want to learn more about the Honeycomb platform, schedule a meeting with us today!