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New Honeycomb Feature: Duplicating project and measuring point settings

The newest Honeycomb feature will help you save heaps of time and effort! Introducing the ability to duplicate the project and measuring point settings. You can now easily re-use the same settings from your previous project or measuring point. You can even copy settings from a project to a measuring point and vice versa. Applying this new feature is super simple and straightforward. It's perfect for those with multiple projects or measuring points.

See step-by-step how to do it:

Copy MP step 1 English 27-07-2023
Copy MP step 2 English 27-07-2023
Copy MP step 3 English 27-07-2023
Copy MP step 4 English 27-07-2023


Keep in mind that reporting and sharing settings won't be duplicated, so you'll still need to adjust those separately.

Check out this new feature on your Honeycomb account!