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Easy to use, latest technology and reasonable costs

Geomotion Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an Omnidots dealer and Malaysia's leading provider of geotechnical and structural instrumentation and asset monitoring solutions. “We like to provide the Malaysian market with Omnidots products, because Omnidots has the latest technology, is easy to use, we get a prompt response by Omnidots and the costs are reasonable.”


Other customers

Vibration monitoring during construction activities near existing structures

“The use of latest technology, usability, prompt responsiveness from our contact persons and reasonable costs are the reasons we have partnered with Omnidots. We provide our customers with Omnidots products for vibration monitoring during construction activities near existing structures.

A recent project in which we provided our customers with Omnidots products, is the monitoring of Mass Rail Transit piers during construction of nearby buildings. During this construction project, there was a mixed development of condominiums and of a shopping mall with seven basements within the first and second reserve of the Mass Rail Transit elevated line.

For this project, our customer used Omnidots for the monitoring, because of the usability, the delivery time and of the costs. They used the SWARM 2.1 to real time monitor if the detected vibrations stayed within the safety limits.

The customers found the Omnidots products easy to use, easy to install and also easy to collect data with. Everything during the project went very convenient. That is the reason why we recommend Omnidots products to our customers.

Since we started with Omnidots, we are very satisfied with the services provided by Omnidots.”

Benefits of Omnidots

For Geomotion Malaysia, the main advantages of working with Omnidots are:

  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast delivery time

Learn more about Omnidots - All-in-1 total solution for monitoring and reporting vibrations.

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