Honeycomb SBR-B update

Do you want to monitor nuisance for people in buildings? That's even easier with the latest Honeycomb update.

Set building functions

If you create a measuring point or project in Honeycomb, you can now also choose SBR-B under the drop-down menu "Guideline". If you choose the option SBR-B 2002, you will also see the option "Building function". This is what it looks like now:

SBR-B Building function

Collective graph of all Vper

In addition to the SBR-B graph, you will now also see a collective graph of all Vper in Honeycomb under the heading "Graphs", graph tab "Veff, max". This graph looks like this:

Collective graph of all Vper

Vper table

If you scroll down you will see the Vper table. It contains the limits and shows whether the vibrations remained within those limits.