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Vibration monitoring simplified, in a powerful unit

Geomotion Australia is Australia's leading provider of geotechnical and structural instrumentation and asset monitoring solutions.

“When Omnidots presented the SWARM Vibration monitor to us, we knew the product was a step-change from other Vibration monitors available on the market. The whole process of Vibration monitoring was simplified, in a powerful unit. We wanted to be first in Australia to offer the new technology!”


Other customers

Auto levelling axis adjustments and plug-and-play design

“Geomotion values good partnerships, innovative technology and high service quality. Omnidots and their SWARM vibration monitoring product is a strong match to Geomotion's core values. Geomotion's customers for Omnidots are in infrastructure and construction monitoring. Large firms to local builders have readily adopted the SWARM.

Previously, Geomotion had to attend site to install vibration monitoring solutions. With the SWARM from Omnidots the customer can install themselves thanks to the auto levelling axis adjustments and plug-and-play design.

Omnidots support and assistance has been excellent in helping us get this product to market.”

Benefits of Omnidots

For Geomotion Australia these are the main advantages of Omnidots dealership:

  • Ease of installation & Auto-levelling
  • Power Options: Mains, Rechargeable 6 week battery, Solar and PoE
  • Adherence to monitoring standards

Learn more about Omnidots - All-in-1 total solution for monitoring and reporting vibrations.

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