A sneaky behind the scenes photo

A sneaky behind the scenes photo... Today we're filming the unboxing video of our Swarm. Stay tuned, it will be live soon!

(Edit, the video is now live:)

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It's like art

Here a picture of the SWARM in use. A customer sent us a photo of the Omnidots SWARM mounted on a wall.

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New feature: alarm for 3 levels

We have a new feature! Honeycomb users could already set an alarm for a chosen level of vibration intensity, but now they can set alarms for 3 levels, as shown in the picture (the dotted lines).

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Omnidots hands over first order to Geonoise Asia

Omnidots colleague Margreet Rozema personally hands over the first order of SWARMs by Geonoise Asia to director Business Development Krishna Moorthy.

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Omnidots is a global company

So excited! As of today, we're officially a global company, with customers from Guadeloupe to the other side of the globe: Asia. Today we had the honor to personally deliver our products to our first Asian customer in Malaysia.

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Omnidots inruilweken

Uw afgeschreven Vibra is geld waard!

Wilt u ook graag de overstap maken naar de meest innovatieve trillingsmeter, maar houdt uw bestaande voorraad u tegen? Lever dan nu uw werkende Vibra in bij Omnidots en krijg er twee nieuwe state of the art Swarm trillingsmeters voor terug!

1 Vibra voor 2 S...

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Also Swarms in Guadeloupe

The Omnidots vibration sensor Swarm is also used on the beautiful Guadeloupe.

In Guadeloupe we monitor vibrations in a hotel construction. The customer can easily remotely read the measurement results via the Honeycomb web platform.

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Omnidots takes initial steps in the United States

- Operations manager Margreet Rozema spoke with us about it.

“The construction sector in the US has fantastic potential for our vibration sensor. Our team is extremely ambitious about making our American dream a reality. That is what our organization is all about: seeing opportunities and diving r...

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Archiving measurement points

We have updated our Honeycomb platform. The option to archive projects/measurement points is now available.

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Update to the Honeycomb platform

We have updated our Honeycomb platform once again! From now on, calibration reports can be downloaded. It is also possible to restart a sensor.

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