Omnidots takes initial steps in the United States

- Operations manager Margreet Rozema spoke with us about it.

“The construction sector in the US has fantastic potential for our vibration sensor. Our team is extremely ambitious about making our American dream a reality. That is what our organization is all about: seeing opportunities and diving right in. We are in the initial stages of embarking on an exciting American adventure over the next few years.”

Why will Omnidots start doing business in the US?

“In the Netherlands, we have completed the development of the Swarm vibration meter and the related Honeycomb platform. In addition to the Netherlands, we serve neighboring countries like Germany, Denmark, and the UK, so we are already operating internationally. The US is the next step, because we are seeing a booming construction sector there. Wherever there is construction under way, there is demand for our vibration sensors and that is happening on a far greater scale in the US than it is in Europe.”

You’ve already been there?

“Yes. We have already conducted plenty of research from the Netherlands. I believe in learning by doing, so I also wanted to go to the US and experience what it was like to do business there. In New York, I presented the Swarm and Honeycomb to potential clients. They were immediately enthusiastic and we began conducting pilot projects, which have since been successfully completed. We are now in the process of taking the next steps.”

As a newcomer, how do you stay ahead of your competition in the American market?

“In the US, we have substantial competition that has significant market share. Market research and visits to prospective clients revealed that they purchase our competitors’ products, but are still open to Omnidots as a new provider. We are more client-friendly, more accessible, and a lot more affordable. Not to mention that we are flexible, adapt to the market, and use the latest IoT and ICT technologies. We always want to be a step ahead of the competition and we’re doing that successfully; this is partly because we are new to the US, which gives us a fresh perspective on the market and its untapped potential. We adjust as needed and deliver the product that the client truly wants.”

What does Omnidots want to achieve in the US?

“Ultimately, we want to become the market leader in vibration sensors. First, we are going to modify a few things about the Swarm for the US market. For example, more tunnels are built there and the Swarm has to meet different requirements for tunnels than it does above ground. In the meantime, we are expanding our client base in the US and serving them from the Netherlands. However, we did notice that companies find it important to do business with companies that are also located in the US. At the moment, we are looking into how we can best serve the US market. It is about to be an exciting time for Omnidots, now that we are a worldwide supplier of vibration meters.”