What does the color of the LED light on my SWARM mean?

Meaning of the SWARM LED colors

LED Color Meaning Data measurements
Solid purple, white or purple The SWARM is powering up. No
Solid red The SWARM is starting up. No
Blinking blue / black The SWARM is auto-leveling. This takes ten seconds. No
Breathing yellow / black The SWARM is measuring but has no server contact.
* When the SWARM is factory default it won’t be measuring during breathing yellow/black.
Breathing green/white The SWARM is measuring and has server contact via 3G/4G/LTE. Yes
Breathing green/purple The SWARM is measuring and has server contact via WiFi. Yes
Breathing green/cyan The SWARM is measuring and has server contact via the PoE adapter. Yes
Breating cyan / black The SWARM is downloading guideline filters. No
Blinking green / black The SWARM is going to sleep (outside the scheduled measurement hours). No
Rapidly flashing blue/black The SWARM performs a firmware upgrade. No
Blinking red/black The SWARM is disturbed during auto-leveling. No
Solid black (LED off) LED status is disabled by user on Honeycomb.
Or SWARM has no power.
Breathing bright red / black Please contact us via the chat at the bottom right of this page or via support@omnidots.com. No
Alternating between breathing bright orange and white or purple or cyan. The SWARM is trying to make a 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/PoE connection. No

Notes on blinking / flashing / breathing

  • Flashing is toggling between colors with 50ms interval.
  • Blinking is toggling between colors with 1s interval.
  • 'Breathing' is gradually moving between colors with 1s interval.

LED colors of the SWARM

Below are the colors that the SWARM LED can have: