What is the position of the x, y, and z axes with respect to the SWARM?
What are the technical specifications of the SWARM, Honeycomb, SWARM Battery or other products?
How can I view the monitoring data?
How do I create a Honeycomb account?
Do you offer an API (Application Programmable Interface)?
How do I create a project in my Honeycomb account?
How do I create and configure a measuring point in my honeycomb account?
How often do I need to calibrate my SWARM?
Do you offer an SBR comformity report?
Where can I buy the Omnidots solution / a SWARM?
I think I am experiencing a malfunction. What to do?
Do you have a Honeycomb manual?
How long can a SWARM run on the battery?
I have questions about my recently placed order
What do Omnidots SMS messages look like?
How do I install my SWARM?
Where do I download the Omnidots app?
My Omnidots device is broken or damaged
What is the IP rating of the Omnidots Battery?
What does the color of the LED light on my SWARM mean?
Can I see where my SWARM is located?
How long does a SWARM reboot take?
How do I set up the WiFi for my SWARM?
How long will it take to align the axes of the SWARM?
How often does my SWARM send the data to Honeycomb?
How much data can be stored in the SWARM?
What do the abbreviations in the technical specifications of the SWARM mean?
What is a 'trace'?
What is the lowest vibration level the SWARM can record?
Can I get a product demo?
How long does it take to fully charge the Omnidots Battery?
I bought the Omnidots solution, how do I get started?
How do I know that my SWARM needs new firmware?
How do I see that the battery is charging?
What happens if the SWARM (temporarily) loses the 3G / 4G / LTE, WiFi or PoE connection?
What happens if the SWARM cannot send any data to Honeycomb?