Application areas

There is a great need to measure vibrations on a long-term, large scale. The degree of vibration and whether these vibrations exceed the applicable DIN4150 or Dutch SBR standards must be evaluated. Taking measurements with a lot of Swarms can provide a great deal of insight into the effects of the source of vibration on the environment. Then, based on the measured vibrations, fast action can be taken if the guidelines are not complied with or when there is the threat of or actual damage.

Construction and infrastructure

During building work and when constructing an infrastructure, the vibrations that are caused by, for example, demolition work, pile-driving, and traffic must be taken into account. These vibrations can obstruct the people who work or live in the surrounding areas, and are even often the cause of irreversible damage. Monitoring vibrations caused by building work and infrastructure construction is therefore of the utmost importance.

Railroad traffic

In the Netherlands, approximately 845,000 residential addresses lie within 300 meters of railroad tracks. Research shows that over one fifth of the residents who live within 300 meters of railroad tracks face significant disturbance from vibrations caused by passing trains. Health complaints caused by passing trains range from bad moods to sleep disorders. By using Swarms on a large scale to measure vibrations on a certain route, it can be calculated if, for example, the vibrations caused by railroad traffic on that section of track fall within set guidelines and the target values set out within the “Beleidsregel Trillingshinder Spoor” (Dutch guideline on disturbance caused by railroad vibrations).