Vibration monitors and an insight into the implications of vibrations for everyone. This has been Omnidots’ focus since 2012. Our ambition is to help the world by making life safer and more pleasant through the use of our products. To achieve this, we develop affordable monitoring tools that are easy to use and that comply with all legal standards and quality requirements, to take accurate measurements in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Vibrations can occur for various reasons. Common sources of vibrations are: trains, construction work, speed bumps, factories, and wind turbines. Vibrations can be detrimental and have a major impact on the living and working environment. However, they can also cause irreversible damage to buildings, bridges, monuments, and other solid objects.

We believe that providing an insight into the measurable effects of vibrations contributes to confidence and a feeling of security for everyone who is affected by vibration sources. Understanding the measureable effects of vibrations clarifies and determines the causes of the vibrations. This understanding can also be a source of information when it comes to determining the effects of vibrations on people’s health and wellbeing, and on the effects and possible damage to buildings.

Measuring vibrations correctly is a costly business that is so complicated that it is not often widely implemented. This is where Omnidots comes in. We have developed high-tech sensors that are linked to a web platform. Large groups of users can use this system to gain immediate insight into results from all of the measurement points in a particular area. Our measurement services do not only measure the vibrations of a single specific object — they also map the effect of a vibration source across the entire environment.

Omnidots is open, honest, and clear about vibrations and their effects on the environment.

Our products and services


Swarm is the vibration monitor to bring Omnidots’ measurements within everyone’s reach.


Honeycomb is the Omnidots web platform, on which measurements are collected and processed into insightful data. The results of the measurements can be accessed via Honeycomb with a computer, tablet, or telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Honeycomb offers different modules in which the measurement data has been converted into graphs and can be processed into reports.

A Swarm of vibration meters

Multiple measurement points can be monitored within Honeycomb. As a result, a large number of Swarms can be used to take measurements within one project. This is a unique concept, providing clearer insight into the sources of vibrations. By using multiple measurement points, the extent to which vibrations reach the area around a source of vibration and the effects of this on each building can be seen.

Measurements in accordance with DIN4150 and SBR guidelines

DIN4150 and Dutch SBR regulations are available for guidance when measuring and assessing damages and inconvenience caused by vibrations. Measurements taken by the Swarm sensor comply with these guidelines. And with one glance at Honeycomb, you can determine whether the vibrations remain within set guidelines.