All-in-one total solution for the monitoring and reporting of vibrations

Omnidots is the primary supplier of innovative and efficient sensor systems for environmental monitoring in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Omnidots is the only supplier to offer a fully integrated and automated solution for the direct measurement, monitoring, and reporting of vibrations in the construction and infrastructure sectors, gradually making it the global market leader.

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The Omnidots all-in-one total solution for the monitoring and reporting of vibrations explained.

Core values of Omnidots

Omnidots bases everything it does on the core values that have been established with the entire team.


Innovation is in our blood. We use our knowledge and creativity to develop products and services that benefit both society and our users. Everyone in our organization is innovative, creative, and does useful work. Omnidots is flexible, adapting quickly to changes in the market, technological progress, always striving to be at the forefront of these developments.


Every day we use our craftsmanship to produce the highest quality products and to do so accurately. In addition to this, our products are designed not only to look good, but also to create clarity for the user and be very user-friendly. Thanks to their quality, we are able to guarantee the continuity of the organization and to ensure that customers return to us through close customer contact and our excellent help desk.


We value our customers, which we express through care and commitment. We offer an excellent service and work together with our customers to forge long-standing business relationships. Together we are working to create a safe, healthy living environment through our products and services. We also take care of each other as a team, so that team members always perform to the best of their ability and are able to experience the ultimate in job satisfaction.


Decisiveness is very important in a rapidly changing technical environment. We dare to take risks and innovate, in order to improve ourselves each day.


We enthusiastically take action when something needs to be done. Enthusiasm is also expressed in our pleasant working atmosphere, where enjoying yourself is encouraged and humor is crucial to the innovative and creative process. We are passionate about our work and this is reflected in the quality we deliver.


We work in a fast, efficient and structured manner to produce the best products. For the convenience of our customers, our products and our service and support all have these features.

Unique features of the Omnidots monitoring solution products

  • The most accurate measurements in accordance with all relevant norms and standards.
  • Quick installation through easy mounting, auto levelling, and remote configuration.
  • View measurement data on all your devices, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Adjustable alarm notifications and reports by SMS and e-mail.
  • Over-the-air product innovations.
  • IP65 certified compact and solid design.
  • Compact external battery with long life.

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Omnidots' history

Based on the ambition to make the world a better and safer place, Omnidots started developing a vibration monitoring device in 2014.

The development took place in the Dutch province of Groningen. This is a place that suffers greatly from earthquakes due to gas extraction. After two years of development and setting up a large scale sensor network for measuring acceleration in the province of Groningen, the founders of Omnidots realized how much impact environmental vibrations have on buildings and structures. With a new business plan aimed at developing a sensor for use by the construction and infrastructure market they raised venture capital to pursue this new direction.

After 2 more years of high-tech development with a highly competent, user-oriented and technically proficient team, this idea has become a vibration solution for construction and infrastructure, with a worldwide dealer network. Anno 2019 Omnidots is the primary supplier of innovative and efficient sensor systems for environmental monitoring in the construction and infrastructure sectors. In the future Omnidots will focus on always improving the monitoring solution and adding new environmental monitoring products to the product portfolio, always offering our customers the best possible and most convenient products and having great global dealership partnerships.